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SCRAPER 621 Caterpilar AG COMBINE 9650 STS John Deere AG TRACTOR 8520T John Deere SWEEPER TRUCK, Tymco SCREEN, Chieftain 1400 On Tracks CRUSHER, Cone Model#1300 FORKLIFT  All Terrain 15,000 MANLIFT – 80’/85′ Telescopic & Articulated Boom Lifts MANLIFT – 135′ Articulated Boom Lift WATER Tower 10,000/12,000 Gallon AG TRACTOR CAT Crawler D6D SA with Cab and Tier 3 Eng. LOADER 966 Caterpillar 5.25 Yd. SCRAPER 613 Caterpillar SCRAPER 623 Caterpillar GRADER 143H EXCAVATOR – 48,000 Lbs. CAT 320 EXCAVATOR – 82,000-86,000 Lbs. CAT 330/336 DUMP TRUCK 25 Ton DUMP TRUCK 40 Ton PNEUMATIC COMPACTOR 9 Wheel Roller COMPACTOR 79″ Double Drum Roller COMPACTOR Padfoot 48″ AG TRACTOR Challenger MT755 DOZER Brush Rake DOZER  D5N XL Caterpillar DOZER  D6N LPG Caterpillar DOZER  D6R/T XL Caterpillar DOZER  D8T Caterpillar DOZER  D9T Caterpillar DOZER D10T Caterpillar
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Daily rental consists of a maximum of 8 hours on the machine within a 24 hour period. Weekly rentals consists of a maximum of 40 hours on the machine within 7 consecutive days. Monthly rentals consists of a maximum of 176 hours on the machine within 28 consecutive days. All overtime will be charged. Rates are subject to change without notice. Rentals are F.O.B. our Redding yard unless otherwise quoted.
All machines are rented with a full tank of fuel. Fuel added upon return will be charged to the customer.
The customer is expected to operate the machine in a safe manner. Operators shall be qualified or trained in proper operating procedures. Physical loss or damage to the equipment is the customer’s responsibility. If machine is damaged, rental fees will continue to be charged untill damage is repaired. A Certificate Of Insurance is required on all rentals.
The customer shall perform daily maintenance and safety checks on the machine. The customer shall replace all consumables, such as fuel, lubricants, filters, cutting edges and tips, when required. All needed service work should be reported to I-5 Rentals immediately. The customer is expected to return the machine in reasonably clean condition. The customer is expected to decontaminate any machines used in any hazardous waste materials.
All tire damage will be charged to the customer. The customer is responsible for any repairs resulting from lack of service, improper operation, neglect, or abuse. The customer is expected to shut down the machine and call I-5 Rentals in case of operational or mechanical failure.