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SCRAPER 621 Caterpilar SCREEN – Warrior 1800 AG TRACTOR 8520T John Deere SWEEPER TRUCK, Tymco SCREEN, Chieftain 1400 On Tracks CRUSHER, Cone Model#1300 FORKLIFT  All Terrain 15,000 MANLIFT – 80’/85′ Telescopic & Articulated Boom Lifts MANLIFT – 135′ Articulated Boom Lift WATER Tower 10,000/12,000 Gallon AG TRACTOR CAT Crawler D6D SA with Cab and Tier 3 Eng. LOADER 966 Caterpillar 5.25 Yd. SCRAPER 613 Caterpillar SCRAPER 623 Caterpillar GRADER 143H EXCAVATOR – 48,000 Lbs. CAT 320 EXCAVATOR – 82,000-86,000 Lbs. CAT 330/ 336 DUMP TRUCK 25 Ton DUMP TRUCK 40 Ton PNEUMATIC COMPACTOR 9 Wheel Roller COMPACTOR 79″ Double Drum Roller COMPACTOR Padfoot 48″ DOZER Brush Rake DOZER  D5N XL Caterpillar DOZER  D6N LPG Caterpillar DOZER  D6R/T XL Caterpillar DOZER  D8T Caterpillar DOZER  D9T Caterpillar DOZER D10T Caterpillar
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AG COMBINE 9650 STS John Deere

AG COMBINE 9650 STS John Deere

Call (530) 226-8081 for Pricing



Please call for more details and rental rates.

25 ft. Honeybee header available.

John Deere 893  Corn Header available.

Harvest capable: Rice, Wheat, Milo, Corn.

Wt: 28,000.

HP: 290.

Fuel capacity: 210 gallons.

Call (530) 226-8081 for more information.

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AG COMBINE 9650 STS John Deere AG COMBINE 9650 STS John Deere
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