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The Terramac RT9 was the first crawler carrier to be designed and released by Terramac and it rapidly took off as the best carrier in its class for its unsurpassed versatility. Contractors in drilling, pipeline, utilities and general construction now rely on the Terramac RT9 for its enhanced customization options and key features which include:

  • 18,000 lb. carrying capacity and a non-permitted load for ease of transport
  • Simplified customization for mounting a variety of equipment including: cranes, drills, water tanks, spray booms, fuel tanks, welding units, personnel carrier, straw blower, bark blower, hydroseeder, digger derricks, fifth wheels, lineman winches and more.
  • Rollover protective structures (ROPS) and falling object protective structures (FOPS) components.
  • CE certified products reflecting commitment to safety, quality and global commerce.

When it comes to purchasing a crawler carrier, we understand your priorities and have created a product that will not only exceed your expectations, but industry standards as well. Terramac units are sold through a full-line dealer network which means full service support and parts availability which keeps crews working.

Standard Terramac RT9 Unit

Call (530) 226-8081 for more information.

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